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Internet Bingo Casinos - Jackpot prizes are deposited directly into a Player's Account everytime a player wins our game. For games where there is more than one winner (multiple simulataneous winners) the jackpots are shared evenly amongst all the winners of a game.

Jo Collins, a resident of Luton, England, recently hit an enormous online bingo jackpot of over £162,000 (~$289,000) while playing at The 52-year-old winner, a Special Needs School driver, had begun playing at the online bingo website just days before she won the grand prize. Collins, a mother of three, was awarded her winning check by famous British celebrity Nancy Sorrell.

Just as much as the thrill of winning money or prizes, the camaraderie of getting together with friends for a night of fun makes the good old church basement bingo one of the most enjoyable. While the stakes, and the cost, are much greater at the larger bingo halls and Indian casinos, there is still nothing quite as exciting as yelling bingo in a church full of old and new friends.

Kernie from Portsmouth says his favourite chat room memory is when he started playing tag with the people in the room. They broke the record and the game lasted 24 hours. "It was complete chaos but fantastic fun," he said.

Last week, Tom Davis stepped forward to claim the crown as Britain’s oldest bingo caller, at the ripe age of 99. Before, it was recorded that Bert Sale was the oldest bingo caller at age 84, but Tom’s supporters called and mentioned him. Tom is 15 years older than Bert.

Legislators didn't seem eager to carve out a special amendment just for bingo halls, but they agreed with Gibbens in that a tax break would be a fair way of dealing with the problem.

Licensed halls have no involvement with the actual charitable gaming held on the premises, though. Organizations bring in volunteers and run the game. Besides Pike Place, there are only two other licensed bingo halls in NKY: Turfway Park in Florence and the Oldenberg Brewery Building in Fort Mitchell.

Littlefield Corp has operations in the entertainment, real estate and hospitality sectors. They had 31 bingo halls in Texas, Alabama and South Carolina. And the entertainment sector accounts for about 61% of the company’s total revenue.

Login in to the Cashier, and then select 'Add Funds to Account.' On the next page you will need to enter the amount you want to add and select which payment method you want to use to pay us. Each method will vary in procedure, transfer time to us, and fees. For a list of acceptable payment methods, transfer times and fees, see the Payment Options.

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